Brain Candy with monsters

Return To The Center Of The Earth
by Greig Beck

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A year after the first book, some of the survivors get together again for a repeat performance. We quickly get to the creepy parts. 

Can I just say that I find it ridiculous that Alastair just reads that old script, after explaining at length, why it‘s so difficult to do just that. Anyway….

The caving part in the first book was longer and more fun. This time around I liked the part at the center of the Earth better. Once we reach the center, the narrative splits again to two groups of explorers, much like the first book. Different objectives though. The first book was mainly about being lost, about meeting whatever is down there and about escaping, with a small side story. This time around the reason for the trip is a different one and takes up a tiny latger slice of the narrative.

The book is just as fast-paced, with the expected head count, brought about by a colourful array of nasty critters. Escapism at its best. Just the brain candy I was looking for. And this is much better written than those Meg books by Alten. Beck actually writes well, the characters are not just cardboard cut-outs and the women aren‘t objectified and defined by their looks.

Trigger warning for rape — in the off, not graphic, but leading to some nasty imagery.