Eleven millions…

In my last post I counted from one to 10 in book titles. Let‘s see how far I can get. Here is #11…

Amanda & The Eleven Million Mile High Dancer
by Carol de Chellis Hill

Amanda is an astronaut who roller-skates through the halls of NASA, and a subparticle physicist who can enter the mind of Mary Shelley. With her magical cat, Schrödinger, she finds herself in confrontation with the ultimate seductress, the eleven million mile high dancer.

From the blurb

I really liked this, when I read it as a teenager. But during my re-read I could not get into it at all. It was very quirky and as such should have kept me interested. But I was just bored. Perhaps it was too off the wall. Or it was too introspective with too little actual story progression. I am not sure. It just did not seem to be moving.

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