Gothic 70s

by Richard Lange (Goodreads Author),  Marc Vietor (Narrator),  Wayne Carr (Narrator) 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A horror book with a different take on vampires. Of Mice and Men with vampires and a biker gang. Alternating POVs with a diverse cast and two different audiobook narrators. 

I breezed though this and really enjoyed it, not just because of the characters and the fast-paced plot—this would make a great movie—but also because of the entertaining and well done audiobook narration.

It‘s a dark, but not too grim. A little shocking at times. Quite a few heads fall, as is to be expected in vampire novels. Mainly plot driven with good action sequences and very tight writing, but various existentialist questions are mulled over as well by the main characters, without slowing down the pace. It all leads to a great ending and I would love to pick up the narratives of the surviving characters again. 

Excellent stuff, recommended!