Continuing the new year with…

Amongst Our Weapons (Rivers of London #9)
by Ben Aaronovitch

Expected publication: April 7th 2022 by Orion

I pre-ordered this as a kindle, but I will listen to the audio. Hm, what was I thinking? Anyway, plenty of time to cancel the print version. My love affair with Rivers of London started with an almost DNF and a break of several years. It just didn‘t work for me the first time around. The second time was a huge hit and part of the success was the audio narration of Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, who brought Peter Grant to life beautifully. I loved him so much that I picked up another audiobook because of him, not because of the author or the book (it was very good though).

So, book no. 9, Amongst Our Weapons, comes out on the 7th of April. I will read it, however—I think I could do without it. The previous book, False Value (Rivers of London, #8), was the first one in the series that ended up with three stars from me only. And I could have done without that as well, probably. Maybe it‘s time for this series to come to an end, while the going is good. But I am willing to be proven wrong.

7 thoughts on “Continuing the new year with…

  1. I just started book 1 of this series the night before last! It’s really great so far. (Many thanks for telling me about it!!!) I am loving the sense of being a Londoner which the author gives his main character and the sense of being a UK police officer too. That stuff is very authentic. (I have lots of Police and security services in my extended family.)

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