The Moon is still Calling…

The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs is one of the very few Urban Fantasy series that I still follow. I used to read almost nothing but UF for the best part of a decade, until the genre was so oversaturated with new, mediocre stuff that I lost the taste for it.

Last year, when another book in the spin-off series Alpha & Omega came out, I re-read both series in chronological order, which took quite a while. It was fun and an excellent reminder of some foggy details and hotly debated points of the fandom.

In June 2022 another installment of the series will be published, Soul Taken (Mercy Thompson, #13). Counting the spin-off series, that brings us to book 19 in this universe, ignoring a bunch of short stories, comics, etc. Book #12 of the main series dealt with some marriage problems between our titular hero and her mate, that hopefully will get resolved in the new book.

I liked that book, but this is another series where I am starting to wonder if it‘s perhaps time to wrap things up for good. Definitely still getting the new one in June though! Pre-ordered!

13 thoughts on “The Moon is still Calling…

    1. Yes, it mostly works as a contraindicator for me as well, same as YA. I make exceptions though for long-running series that I still follow or the odd new find that does sound interesting after all.

      Mercy Thompson , Alpha & Omega and Rivers of London are of the long-running variety and Alex Verus is a re-read that went well, so I might continue with that for a few books.

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  1. I still quite enjoy UF; it’s probably my favorite genre. However, I’ve gotten a lot more picky about which UF books I read—which is easy to do, since there are so many books out there right now. It can be hard to distinguish between UF and PNR, though, which I find a bit annoying.

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      1. It’s not new, but I recently re-started Seanan McGuire’s InCryptid series. (I like it better than her Toby Daye one.)

        A new-to-me series… I’ve read and enjoyed Slouch Witch, the first book an UF trilogy by Helen Harper. If the series continues the same way as book one, it’s a lot of fun without being too dark.

        The only other “new” UF series I’ve been reading lately is the V.E. Schwab series about Cassidy Blake. (Book 1 is City of Ghosts.) It’s a YA/MG series, and it’s so rare to find a MG or YA UF book that I was really enchanted by the first two books in the series. (I haven’t read book 3 yet, and I’m not sure if the series continues after that or not.)

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      2. I didn‘t like the first book overly much, when I read it for the first time. I just re-read it and liked it and will read book #2 in January. Not bad. It reminded me a little of The Iron Druid, set in London and less silly… and a lot of The Dresden Files. The author is a fanboy and even hinted at Harry Dresden in the first chapter.


      3. Good to know that it is a rough start. Most of the series reviews I’ve seen have been talking about the later books in the series at this point (my fault for being behind the publication dates) so it’s nice to know not to expect it to start out like that.

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