All good things come to an end

Leviathan Falls (The Expanse #9)
by James S.A. Corey,  Jefferson Mays (Narrator)

A well done ending to the series. I did not expect it to go into the direction it did, so that was satisfying. It ends bittersweet, with some sadness, but also hope. The epilogue was fun.

I am sad that the series ended, but it was a good time for it. 5 stars for the happy feels and the action and Amos Burton.

“I absolutely believe that people are more good on balance than bad,” he said. “All the wars and all of the cruelty and all of the violence. I’m not looking away from any of that, and I still think there’s something beautiful about being what we are. History is soaked in blood. The future probably will be too. But for every atrocity, there’s a thousand small kindnesses that no one noticed. A hundred people who spent their lives loving and caring for each other. A few moments of real grace.”

4 thoughts on “All good things come to an end

  1. I’m so glad the ending lands well. I stopped reading these after Babylon’s Ashes. (I’d just had enough of the same story back to back I think.) But I recently started reading the same book to get back into it. 😁😁😁


    1. Babylon‘s Ashes would have made a good final book for the series, because it nicely wraps up the major plotlines. It only picks up speed in the second half, so it‘s not the easiest to get through. I hope you‘ll like it enough to tackle the last three books…


      1. I think I will. I only tapped out last time because I’d read nothing but The Expanse books from the start of the series. It’s easily one of my favourite Sci-fi reads of all time. 😊

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