8 thoughts on “My Year of 2021 according to StoryGraph…

  1. Wow, you read a lot of scifi, and I’m glad to see you conclude the Writers of Color challenge as well! Tried my hand at Storygraph but I found it way too difficult after Goodreads. Let me see if I can jump on to that wagon again. Happy 2022 to you and may many more wonderful reads find you!

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    1. Merry belated Christmas to you, a happy 2022 and another successful reading challenge!

      You can import your goodreads library into StoryGraph, it does all the rest for you. The drawback is that I post all my reviews in three different spots now—here, on GR and on StoryGraph.

      GR is less and less fun. If it wasn‘t for the very active group I am in, I might have left GR years ago.


  2. I love the variety of charts that The StoryGraph offers! And I love that you can do both a books and a pages reading goal for a year. I’m a sucker for good statistics, so their stats page is something I go look at a lot.

    Agreed that GR is less fun than it had been. I’m only still posting reviews there because it helps the authors. I don’t do much other interacting there at all.

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      1. It‘s not easy to find something book related that is not owned by Amazon these days. I wouldn‘t mind so much if Goodreads was working well and maybe listened to its users once in a while regarding their wishes for the site.


      2. Agreed, if Goodreads made any effort to seem like they cared about their user base I might be less annoyed at them. But they haven’t updated their look in such a long time, and the changes they do make seem tailored only to their needs and not ours, so it’s easy for me to get salty.

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