Fruiting Bodies by Kemi Ashing-Giwa

ebook, 16 pages, publication: January 26th 2022 by Tor Books

“An alien fungal infection has ravaged a faraway planet, turning all but six of the colonists into ravenous arinkiris. Inyama, a mycologist, is her species’ last hope. But it’s not expertise her fellow survivors want from her.“

Blurb from

SciFi-horror. When I read the title, I immediately had to think of fungi and of the zombie ant fungi. Maybe I am watching too many nature documentaries. Anyway, space ship crashing on foreign body, settlers not doing too well on the inhospitable planet and… fungi.

I liked it. Well written, tightly plotted. Very short, but with a nice plot bunny at the end. Can be read for free here.

And have a look at what probably inspired this short story. It‘s actually a lot creepier than the story…