Welcome back, Saga!

Saga #55 by Brian K. Vaughan (Writer),  Fiona Staples (Illustrator),  Fonographiks (Letterer) 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After a very long hiatus by the authors, the story has moved on by three years as well. I was back in the world of Saga immediately, even though I haven‘t re-read any of the previous volumes. Welcome back, Saga!

Single issues are short, although this one is longer than most with 47 pages. So saying more without spoiling anything is tricky. Good so far. Looking forward to the next one in about 4 weeks.

Content warning: rating M for Mature, aka one graphic, gratuitous sex scene. Which I could have done without. 

PSS: I am sure the cover art by Fiona Staples for that new Fartbox album is gorgeous… and no, I never knew that the blue text is Esperanto.

Buddy read with Dennis and Nataliya

4 thoughts on “Welcome back, Saga!

      1. I’m copying the translations I got here:

        “Bestoj” = animals.
        “Vi mortigis miajn bebojn” = “you killed my babies”
        “Mi ne plu koleras” = “I’m not angry anymore”
        “Mi nur sentas min malplena” = “I just feel empty”
        “sildo” = “shield”
        “Vi devas halti” = “you have to stop”
        “Metu piedon sur ci tiun grundon kaj vi mortos” = “Put your foot on this ground and you will die”

        I think that’s it or mostly it for Blue in this issue.

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