What I am doing when I am not reading

Well, watching too much TV. I also try to keep updated with the James Webb Space Telescope. I am not having much luck with finding a decent livestream.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has reached its deep-space destination, but it’ll be a while yet before the $10 billion observatory starts its science work.

On Monday (Jan. 24), Webb slipped into orbit around the Earth-sun Lagrange Point 2, a gravitationally stable spot in space about 930,000 miles (1.5 million kilometers) from our planet. The arrival ended a month-long journey for the highly anticipated observatory, but there are still a lot of boxes to tick before Webb gets down to business.

“We expect the first science images from JWST to come back in about five months,” Amber Straughn, the deputy project scientist for Webb science communications, said during a webcast Webb event on Monday.  


Long wait ahead of us! In the meantime I finally watched Venom. I am only slightly behind. It was ok, maybe a bit on the too silly side. If you are looking for a bit of mindless entertainment, this might hit the spot.

It goes without saying that I watched the last season of The Expanse. Another one that was just ok. It was clear that they would not be able to wrap up the remaining books and Babylon‘s Ashes was a pretty good spot in the series to “stop”. It is debatable if including the teaser that is Strange Dogs was just mean and maybe confusing for those that have not read the books. Rumour has it that there might be movies covering the remaining books. We shall see.

And no sourdough bread baking this weekend. I am wearing my lazy hat for now.

9 thoughts on “What I am doing when I am not reading

  1. We have been following the Webb Space Telescope updates, too (though Mr. Wyrm is doing a better job of staying up-to-date than I am). Very exciting stuff for science, even if we do have to wait another long while for the really cool stuff to start.

    I think not baking bread when your lazy hat is on is a better idea than what I have been doing. I have spoiled (or nearly spoiled) the last few loaves of bread I’ve baked because I was too lazy to do all the steps properly and the rise wasn’t right. (The most recent one I’ve officially blamed on the recipe for not being detailed enough, but in truth I knew I was being lazy and knew better than to listen to incomplete recipe instructions.)

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    1. Looking forward to the findings with that telescope… in summer… 😊

      My last bread was a bit of a rush job, because I didn‘t let my sourdough ripen enough. It was okish, although the bread turned out a bit too squishy and dense. No baking this weekend either, I will be away. But the week after that I have to take good care of my rye sourdough starter. A friend has asked for a rye bread for her birthday…


      1. That sounds yummy! I’ve been using my sourdough starter more for discard things lately (waffles, mmmm) than for bread. Patience and time (and laziness) hasn’t been what I’ve wanted for sourdough bread baking lately.


      2. I made Grissini with some leftover sourdough. Sadly, left it in the oven a bit too long. You can stab someone with those things. Waffles are good, too. And Dutch Babies.


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