Done with Camping

I gave it a serious try, reading this on and off for two years.

Tietjen auf Tour: Warum Camping mich glücklich macht (Why Camping Makes Me Happy)
by Bettina Tietjen

DNF at 150 pages (about 55%). Well, it was more like 84 pages of actual reading and then some skimming.

Travelogue for campers. Nice anecdotes, well written, but pretty repetitive. Each chapter felt the same after a while.

Reiseanekdoten für Wohnmobilfans. Nett, gut geschrieben, aber nach einer Weile fühlten sich alle Kapitel gleich an.

When do I DNF a book? I tend to give it at least 50 to 100 pages, depending on the size of book. 20 to 25% for ebooks. And in some cases I might decide to skim very hard to get an impression of the rest of the book.

How about you?

2 thoughts on “Done with Camping

  1. I agree, I try to read about 25% of the book (though if it’s a really long book, I’ll do less) before giving up on a book. However, I have been known to DNF much faster than that if a book makes me angry or if I am so indifferent to it that I just never pick it up again to read it once I put it down the first time. I will also sometimes try skimming past slow sections to see if that fixes my issues with the book.

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