Dark elves, dwarves, assassins, the battle is on!

The Legacy (Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #7) by R.A. Salvatore

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

My second attempt at the Forgotten Realms series. I have a few of them, bought cheaply through Humble Bundle. My first book of the series was The Crystal Shard, which was his first published novel. That one felt a bit like LOTR fanfiction and was not a success for me. I fully expected to dislike Legacy and dump it after the first chapter, plus all of the remaining Forgotten Reals books on my shelf. But lo and behold, I liked it! The writing is a lot better. It is entertaining, low brainpower sword-and-sorcery with dark elves and a fast plot. 

We start off with a lot of dwarves. And some bad guys planning to assassinate Drizzt, dark elf and titular main character. There is a lot of tunnels, darkness, sword fights, intrigue and light humour. Some of the battle scenes were surprisingly graphic and gory for this light read. And there is a lot of battle scenes. Pretty much the second half of the book. This felt a bit like a dungeon crawler, all that was missing was a plan of the tunnels and a few dice for the table-top version.

Drizzt gets to review his past decisions and his psychotic relations. And the baddies underestimate the bonds he has forged with his found family and friends. We are left with a nice blot bunny for the next books. I actually wonder how that will play out, so I plan do continue reading the sequels to this eventually.

3 thoughts on “Dark elves, dwarves, assassins, the battle is on!

  1. I remember I read the original Drizzt book(s?) quite a while back, though that’s about all I remember about them. I read some of the other Forgotten Realms books too, though the only ones I remember now (and have on my shelf as comfort reads) are the ones by Elaine Cunningham about Arilyn Moonblade.

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