Lucille is thirsty

The Walking Dead, Vol. 17: Something to Fear
by Robert KirkmanCharlie Adlard (Illustrator), Cliff Rathburn (Illustrator)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So, finally, we meet Negan! Eep!

Well, ok, there is some build-up and shorter excursions and skirmishes, but eventually we make his unpleasant acquaintance…

And then the unmentionable thing happens. You know what I mean, if you have read this or watched the TV series. And it is explicit. Wow. I am actually a little shell-shocked. The Governor was a fluffy teddybear compared to Negan.

And despite of the horrible violence, this was a really good volume. Tight plot, great dialogue, good artwork. Excellent story telling.

I checked out of the TV series during Season 6, so I don‘t actually know how Rick and the others are going to deal with this situation. Looking forward to the next volume!

Main Challenge for 2022:

StoryGraph Reading Randomizer 2022

– January #1 The Sweet Rowan — review
– January #2 The Marrow Thieves — review

– February #1 The Legacy — review
– February #2 The Solitaire Mystery — not read yet

– March #1 Even The Wingless — up next
– March #2 The Walking Dead, Vol. 17: Something to Fear

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