Too long was the night of the world

The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Six 

I will update this anthology as I go along…

THE LONG IAPETAN NIGHT by Julie Nováková — Iapetus is one of Saturn’s moons, named after a Titan in Greek mythology seen as the progenitor of mankind. And that‘s where we wake up from cold sleep. Earth has gone through two cataclysms and humanity tries to establish footholds on other planets and moons in the solar system. An earlier mission has failed and our team tries to find out what happened. Horror on a dark ice planet.

I like the plot idea, but struggled with the writing. It felt disjointed and confused me. There are two teams exploring and an account of the previous, failed mission from an unreliable narrator — I had a hard time keeping them straight. Not happy with this one. ★★¾☆☆

“Too long was the night of the world, the captain had said after our awakening. It’s time we saw the day.

Story can be found for free in Asimov‘s Science Fiction magazine, November/December 2020, linked in above cover.

I have read another of her short stories, THE SYMPHONY OF ICE AND DUST, published in Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 85, review is here and linked above in the cover.

“Julie Nováková is a scientist, educator, and award-winning Czech author, editor, and translator of science fiction, fantasy, and detective stories.“