A pretty grim visit to the Pelted Universe…

Even The Wingless (Princes’ Game #1) by M.C.A. Hogarth

The blurb reminded me just a little of Foreigner. That is where the similarities end. 

It is great fun to be back in the world of M.C.A. Hogarth, with more space elves, although this is a much, much darker and more violent part of her Pelted Universe. Very intense, very violent. Strangely compelling, despite the pretty horrific plot. And I feel weird and embarrassed for liking this so much—have a look at my content warning below—I pretty much inhaled the second half in one sitting.

Lisinthir, space elf and empath, is the new Alliance ambassador to an empire of two-legged dragons and a society of brutal and violent male dominance and slavery. His job is to gather intelligence and free potential slaves kidnapped from the Alliance. And to survive. To do that, he has to go down a pretty dark and violent path.

Content warning: slavery, physical violence, frequent rape, sexual abuse, torture. None of it is graphic, but it is one the page almost constantly.

Princes‘ Game Series:
The books of the Princes’ Game series tell the story of the Chatcaavan war and the part the Eldritch played in it.

This universe contains books that are quite different in tone. I started with Her Instruments and liked that series quite a lot.

The Pelted UniverseList by SeriesList by Internal Chronology

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