France meets Peru

The Adoption: CE by ZidrouArno Monin (Artist)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is alternatively funny and sad. Grandpa is grumpy and gnarly. And Qinaya is too cute for words.

She is a little girl from Peru, that has been adopted into a French family. Mostly this first issue is about the developing relationship between her and her new grandfather. Nice artwork, good story, well-done character development. Very surprising ending of Issue #1. It threw me for a very unexpected loop.

So I went into Issue #2 with some apprehension… The story was a little scattered and rambly. Very situational and reflective. I didn‘t like it as much as Issue #1. It didn‘t really shed much light on the cliffhanger of Issue #1 for a long time either and only had a light connection to it. However, the art was still very good.

And the ending made me happy. A feel-good finale.