Dewey’s Readathon Hour 16

Well, I went to bed halfway through hour 14, as that was 3:30 a.m. for me and I was pretty tired. I could have stayed up another two or three hours, but that would have wrecked me too much. Just woke up at 8:45 CET, aka at the end of hour 19. Catching up with my social media, still lying in bed. Will probably listen to my audiobook for a bit…

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon

If you’ve been with us for the past 15 hours and are still reading, you are one of the dedicated. Seriously. I have a lot of friends who consider themselves readers, but most of them could not handle even 15 hours of readathon reading. I can’t imagine how reading would work as an Olympics event, or how NBC would cover readathons. ….

(It appears as if Reader 15 has dropped her book … and she’s snoring! Tough break for Uzbekistan. At least their other reader is still going strong. … Oh, no! Reader 3 is drooling in her book. We usually expect the Canadians to stay awake a lot longer than this. … She’s nodded back awake! The refs agree she was not quite asleep, so she is still in, but with a slight penalty for the drooling. Canada may not be taking home the gold in this event, but…

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