Weird stuff coming our way

Witchblade #80 by Ron MarzMike Choi (Illustrator), Joe Weems (Illustrator), Brian Buccellato (Illustrator)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A freebie for kindle. I knew nothing about the series before picking this up. First published in 2009 and was stuck on my comics TBR pile since 2020. I still know nothing, beside that there are a gazillion issues and versions in this world.

The female MC is a police detective in New York and is attracted to „the weird stuff“. The comic starts with her in a hospital bed, comatose and hooked up to machines, watched over by her old partner, who is on administrative leave.

Another cop comes to investigate and things become mysterious. Not bad. I am interested.

The artwork is ok. The women unfortunately are a little old-school-big-boobs and scantily clad.

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