2022 TBR Masterpiece Challenge — next Dewey‘s

Our next readathon will be happening in October. Between now and then, we have a new challenge to keep us busy. But, by this part of the year many of…

2022 TBR Masterpiece Challenge

I will probably join the next Readathon in October. Not so sure about the in-between reading list or the whole TBR preparation. I am already plenty overbooked in the next few months…

Here is that first list of prompts…

Fall Pre-Readathon Reading Challenge

  1. A non-fiction book.
  2. A book with more than one poem in it.
  3. A play written by a woman.
  4. 5 books with autumn colored spines or covers.
  5. A short story collection by an author who did not publish a full-length novel.
  6. A book by Stephen King, John Grisham, Clive Cussler, Louis L’Amour, James Michener, Michael Crichton, or Robert Ludlum.
  7. A book by Anita Shreve, Jane Smiley, Barbara Kingsolver, Jan Karon, Pearl S. Buck, Jane Austen, or Edith Wharton.
  8. A book set on each continent (7 total- North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica/Oceania) 
  9. A book about the future, published before 1960.
  10. A book from a series of more than 3 books.

It‘s very unlikely that I will read something to fit everything on this list until the readathon in October. I have various doorstoppers on the go and I prefer to enjoy them. Not rushing. We‘ll see, I might accidentally tick some of these off…

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