More ships crossing my seas…

As I enjoyed Ship of Magic quite a bit, I decided to continue the series with The Mad Ship (Liveship Traders, #2) by Robin Hobb. I am about a quarter into this 915 pages long chunkster. It seamlessly continues with the storyline of the first book, I am happy so far.

We are still following Althea on her quest to regain her liveship, making unusual choices.

‘How do you move so easily in both worlds? Where do you really belong?’
‘Why must it be one or the other?’ she countered. ‘You are both a capable seaman and the son of a Bingtown Trader. Why should not I have both sets of skills?’

As opposed to her niece Malta, who is her annoying and horrific counterpart of the females of the Vestrit family…

‘Please don’t fill her head with nonsense like that,’ Ronica said irritably. ‘The last thing we need is her going about the house feeling martyred simply because she is a female.’

Wintrow is still struggling with where his life has led him…

Accept your life, and you might survive it. If you hold back from it, insisting this is not your life, not where you are meant to be, life will pass you by.

It‘s all about choices. I am looking forward to where they will all end up in the course of this book!