Dewey’s October 2022 READER Sign-Ups

And the next Dewey‘s Readathon is just around the corner. I signed up. And as usually I do not know how much I will actually read. My current plans for October:

– BR Redshirts, ebook, owned. I‘ve been meaning to read this for quite a while.
– BR Polaris Rising, ebook. New to me author.
– StoryGraph #2 Komisch, alles chemisch!, paper, non-fiction. Not sure I want to read this.
– BR Chosen, ebook. Ongoing series.
– BR Ship of Destiny, paper. Doorstopper number 3 in this trilogy.
– BR Memnoch the Devil, paper. High likelihood of getting dumped, as I didn‘t like the Body Thief anymore.
– NG Into the Riverlands, ebook. Thank you, Netgalley! Ongoing series. Or #3 of a trilogy? Not quite sure.

BR = buddy read. Yes, I am overcommitted and reading too many buddy reads. Maybe next year will be my year of mood reading and the diminishing of my existing TBR pile.

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon

Welcome, welcome one and all! The October 22, 2022 Readathon is coming up fast, and we would LOOOOVE for you to join us! Can’t read the whole day? No big deal! Make this Readathon your own with as little or as much reading as you want! We’re just happy to have you along for a celebration of books.

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