Messy and incoherent Moon Knight

Midnight Sun (Moon Knight, #2)
by Charlie HustonDavid Finch (Illustrator), Mico Suayan (Illustrator)

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Three months since the events of Vol. 1. Spidey pays a visit!

And in issue #2 we get to meet Captain America. I didn‘t recognize him at first and had to go back to the start of the chapter to make sure. Pretty ugly guy and not nice. But neither is Spector. It took me longer to get to this point than in volume 1. It felt very episodic and it wasn‘t terribly enamored with the artwork either.

The artwork of volume 1 was much better. Here it‘s messier, coarser and anatomically more over the top. I don‘t like the look of Marc Spector. Issue #9 was the point when I thought „Wow, this is really ugly!“

The plot didn‘t do it for me either. Well, there wasn‘t really much of a plot. By issue #10 I had lost interest and started some light skimming. Very disappointing after the fun and wackyness of the first volume. Besides David Finch we have several other illustrators that were not part of volume 1. Maybe that made the difference?

I took a break, then started issue #11. After the first few frames I started to skim heavily. I didn‘t like the artwork or the confusing plot. Skimmed past issue #12 and #13.

Annual 1 (the last issue) was not really my cup of tea either in terms of artwork, but it was well drawn. And this issue had a coherent story. Well, the beginning of a story. It didn‘t really get past the introduction.

So, after an excellent first volume this was a massive let-down and I will definitely not get the next volume. Disappointing.

Collects Moon Knight #7-13 & Moon Knight Annual #1.


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