December 2022 Wrap-up

Books read in December:
– FBR Children of Memory ★★★★★ audio. The zoo is growing. And there is more to it than animals.
– GR Thistlefoot ★★★★★ Netgalley, sweet and creepy, magical realism and folklore, Baba Yaga goes West.
– Something to Talk About ★★★★☆ ebook, f/f romance, LGTBQ+, accidental romance, slow burn, rumours, Paparazzi. Fun!
– FBR Even Though I Knew the End ★★★★☆ NG audio, LGTBQ+ Crime Noir with demons and magic. Good!
– Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome ★★★★★, epistolary companion novella to Lock In by John Scalzi.
– The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion ★★★½☆, ebook, novella, demon deer, anarchists, creepy birds, LGBTQ+
– Hospital Station ★★★☆☆, part of the omnibus Beginning Operations, ebook, medical SF, hospital in space, catering to many different aliens, from 1962.
– Little Fuzzy ★★★★★, ebook, novella, colony planet, are the cute fuzzies sentient/sapient or not? And what will Big Business do about it? Another 60s, a classic…
– To Be Taught, If Fortunate ★★★★☆ ebook, novella, space exploration, exoplanets.
– Dying Earths: Sixteen Stories from the Ends of Times ★★★½☆ ebook. I backdated the finishing date, just to tidy it all up nicely. I actually finished this on New Year‘s Day.

Currently reading, carrying over into January:
– FBR Ship of Destiny, ebook, still moving along really slowly…
– BR Heroes: Mortals and Monsters, Quests and Adventures, audio, made it to Jason and the golden fleece.

Moving pictures…
– Moonfall, too bad the makers take this movie seriously, otherwise this could have been fun. Pretty hammy acting, too.
– It Chapter Two, it was ok, I had hoped for more.
– A Quite Place II. Good! Surprisingly I really liked Cilian Murphy in this, he is usually not really my cup of tea.


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