My Reading Goals for 2022 revisited

I wanted to concentrate on my TBR shelf, specifically my owned books, in 2021. That failed spectacularly, as I committed to a lot of buddy reads. So …

My Reading Goals for 2022

Wow, well that did not go well at all. I had a look at that post and I did not read a single book mentioned in that post! Instead I read a lot of buddy reads with my favourite Goodreads group. And I finished 2022 with more owned books than I started out with. To top it off, I already bought 3 more books… 😂

Anyway, those famous New Year resolutions… Less buddy reads, more mood reads, concentration on my owned books. I want to concentrate on my physical bookshelf, but I think that would be a futile commitment. I have more ebooks and many of those have been lingering for a while now as well. Plus there is that pesky Netgalley backlog. And I want to finally get back to re-reading and then catching up with unread books of the Dragonriders of Pern. We‘ll see how that goes!

A wrap-up of my reading year of 2022 will follow soon… Happy New Year! To a better 2023!

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