My year in books 2022, according to Goodreads

My average rating for 2022 according to Goodreads: 3.7 (all-time average is 3.47)
I read 121 books in 2022, including 12 DNF. The statistics from Goodreads diverge a little from the StoryGraph version. I am not too bothered. You know what they say: Never believe a statistic that you didn‘t fake yourself! It‘s close enough.

My 5-star ratings in 2022, including the most-used genre tags:

Even The Wingless Fantasy / SF / LGBT
The Iron Duke Steampunk / Romance / Fantasy
*Little Fuzzy SF / Fantasy / Aliens
*Wolfsong Fantasy / Romance / Paranormal
*Ship of Magic (Liveship Traders) Fantasy / High Fantasy / Epic Fantasy
*The Mad Ship (Liveship Traders) Fantasy / High Fantasy / Epic Fantasy
Taken (Alex Verus) Urban Fantasy / Fantasy / Magic
Sinew and Steel and What They Told Short Story / SF / LGBT
*Under Fortunate Stars SF / Space Opera / Time Travel
Chosen (Alex Verus) UF / Fantasy / Magic
*A Psalm for the Wild-Built SF / Fantasy / Novella
*Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome SF / Short Story / Novella 
Thistlefoot Fantasy / Horror / Retellings
*Soul Taken (Mercy Thompson) UF / Fantasy / Paranormal
Into the Riverlands Fantasy / Novella / LGBT
*Explorer (Foreigner) SF / Space Opera / Aliens
*Children of Memory SF / Space Opera / Space

Little Fuzzy was a very positive surprise. I usually don‘t do well with Classics / older books. This was utterly charming and readable.

Wolfsong was another feel-good offering by T.J. Klune. The MC was a delight and these were the nicest werewolves ever. Yes, yes, I do need to get to that author backlog.

I am so happy that I gave Robin Hobb another chance with the Liveship Traders! Slow, but fun. I am still slowly moving through the third book of that sub-trilogy.

Another unexpected delight was A Psalm for the Wild-BuiltBecky Chambers is another author that I need to catch up with.

Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome showed me that I might like John Scalzi after all.

And the Mercy Thompson books are still worth reading, although Soul Taken is already #13 and I rarely read Urban Fantasy anymore.

I will continue to slowly work my way through the Foreigner books by C.J. Cherryh. It was love at second sight. But so good, if you can relax enough to go with the flow.

Children of Memory was a great third addition to the Zoo that is Children of Time. Adrian Tchaikovsky delivered again.

Under Fortunate Stars stands out, because it was a debut novel. But there was no novel that outpaced the others. And I am sure that within my 4-star novels could be some that would be worth 5 stars as well, if I took a look.

Graphic Novels / Comics
The Walking Dead, Vol. 17: Something to Fear Horror / Zombies 
March to War (Walking Dead Vol. 19) Horror / Zombies
We Stand On Guard SF / War / Dystopia
Ham Helsing #1: Vampire Hunter Middle Grade / Humour / Fantasy
The Adoption: CE Bande Dessinée / France
Saga #56 Fantasy /SF
Saga #60 Fantasy /SF
Shadecraft #1 Horror / YA
Lunatic (Moon Knight) Marvel / Superheroes
The Bottom (Moon Knight) Marvel / Superheroes

The Walking Dead is still good, but so long — it‘s a lot of work. Those two Moon Knight comics were great fun, although I am not really into superheroes that much anymore. Saga is back, YAY! We Stand On Guard was a totally unexpected find. And Ham Helsing #1: Vampire Hunter was so cute! I have to check again, I should really get the sequel if there is one…


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