Blast from the past with Kirk and Spock

Another old review, never before posted here, read in 2015…

Shadow of the Machine
by Scott Harrison

The story fits in well after the original Star Trek motion picture, the characters stay true to the original series. I liked the various plotlines, but this was too short to explore any of the themes in depth.

Spock and the Vulcans in general seem to be a bit emotional to me. And Sulu came along as pretty bland in my opinion. But I never really liked Sulu, so I might be biased. 

Generally nice character studies, with a little bit of action towards the end to liven it up.

I recommend this to fans of the original series, but it is really only a little filler and it does not add anything relevant to the Star Trek universe.

An e-novella set in the Original Series universe—taking place immediately after the events of the 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

After its recent encounter with V’ger, the U.S.S. Enterprise has returned to dry dock to finish its refit before commencing its second five-year mission. The crew has been granted a two-week period of shore leave before preparations for their next voyage begins. Shaken by their encounter with V’ger, Kirk, Spock, and Sulu travel to their respective homes and must reflect upon their lives—now forever changed.

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4 thoughts on “Blast from the past with Kirk and Spock

    1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture came into German cinemas in 1980. I was twelve at the time. Not sure when I actually got the see the movie, but definitely before The Wrath of Khan. Anyway, I got the paperback and then started to read ST novels obsessively for about 10 years or so. I had over 100 of them…

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