Lots of crocodile doodles

Animorphia - Phantastische Tiermotive: Eine atemberaubende Welt zum AusmalenAnimorphia – Phantastische Tiermotive: Eine atemberaubende Welt zum Ausmalen by Kerby Rosanes
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Beautiful, crazy sketches with hidden objects. I will post updates of the sketches, as I go along.

March 2018

Done with the crocs! Here is the current status:

I could colour more of the doodles, but I think I am done for now…

February 2018

Up next is one of those doodling things, chosen for me through the pick-it-for-me challenge:

Time to get those black fineliners out of their box…

New colouring book…

Never Quit Drawing: Sketch Your Way to an Everyday Art HabitNever Quit Drawing: Sketch Your Way to an Everyday Art Habit by Kerby Rosanes

This resembles what Stephen King wrote in On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft — write/sketch every day, even if it turns out to be crap. But stay at it and do it regularly, every day, all days, form a habit…

Updates and possibly moaning and wailing, once I start…

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Colour Your Own Van GoghColour Your Own Van Gogh by Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum
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Here is the original: https://www.google.com/culturalinstit…

I am not trying to duplicate it, instead I got challenged by one of my coloring buddies to just use yellows and orange…

December 2017:
Was in transit throug Amsterdam airport two days ago and made the mistake of entering a bookshop. Saw this and had to get it…. And I don’t even like Van Gogh all that much! But the book is very nice.

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Christmas doodle

I give you my festive glitter doodle….

The glitter is a little difficult to see and I didn’t manage to get rid of the glare…. that was a lot of fun with the pens. I might need to get more pens. No shading, but very satisfying.

Crazy Cunning Coloring Cult

Nordische Wildnis: Ausmalen und entspannenNordische Wildnis: Ausmalen und entspannen by Claire Scully
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Excellent colouring book. Good quality paper, great motifs. Animals, landscapes, variety. Fun. I have done four pieces so far and really enjoyed doing them. I will definitely continue using this book. I would recommend or gift it to friends.

December 10, 2017: Pick For Me Challenge

This is how it works: post a list of your coloring books. Another member will choose one of them and then give a page number for you to color. Tada!

Here is what I ended up with, picked by Gundega:

I am thinking about combining it with two other currently running challenges:
Mixed media–I plan on using watercolor for the large areas and backgrounds and do the details with gel pens and pencils.
Winter color theme–I am going for pale blue, green, grey and maybe mix in some pale purples. I saw a winter scheme like that somewhere and think it could work well with this motif.

Then again, it might end up being totally different, as I am very much a spur-of-the-moment coloring person… 🙂