Lots of crocodile doodles

Animorphia - Phantastische Tiermotive: Eine atemberaubende Welt zum AusmalenAnimorphia – Phantastische Tiermotive: Eine atemberaubende Welt zum Ausmalen by Kerby Rosanes
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Beautiful, crazy sketches with hidden objects. I will post updates of the sketches, as I go along.

March 2018

Done with the crocs! Here is the current status:

I could colour more of the doodles, but I think I am done for now…

February 2018

Up next is one of those doodling things, chosen for me through the pick-it-for-me challenge:

Time to get those black fineliners out of their box…

New colouring book…

Never Quit Drawing: Sketch Your Way to an Everyday Art HabitNever Quit Drawing: Sketch Your Way to an Everyday Art Habit by Kerby Rosanes

This resembles what Stephen King wrote in On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft — write/sketch every day, even if it turns out to be crap. But stay at it and do it regularly, every day, all days, form a habit…

Updates and possibly moaning and wailing, once I start…

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Colour Your Own Van GoghColour Your Own Van Gogh by Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum
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Here is the original: https://www.google.com/culturalinstit…

I am not trying to duplicate it, instead I got challenged by one of my coloring buddies to just use yellows and orange…

December 2017:
Was in transit throug Amsterdam airport two days ago and made the mistake of entering a bookshop. Saw this and had to get it…. And I don’t even like Van Gogh all that much! But the book is very nice.

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Christmas doodle

I give you my festive glitter doodle….

The glitter is a little difficult to see and I didn’t manage to get rid of the glare…. that was a lot of fun with the pens. I might need to get more pens. No shading, but very satisfying.