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Sweep of the Blade (Innkeeper Chronicles, #3.5)Sweep of the Blade by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chapter 13 Part 2…

“I do not comprehend this species.  How have they ever managed to achieve interstellar civilization without self-destructing?”

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Ding-dong! The witch is here…

Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1)Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All the stars for all the fun. Full marks, just because. Pretty much a must-read for any and all Kate Daniels fans.

I never liked Hugh D‘Ambray in the KD novels and I stayed away from all the blog updates, snippets and general fangirly hysteria. I even pondered if I wanted to read this at all, because of Hugh D‘Asshole. Well, Ilona Andrews knows how to do it. He is a very entertaining asshole in this. Now I can finally get a full night‘s sleep again!

Oh yes, Elara is a nice new addition. But I think my favourites are Bane and Dugas. The cover is still crap, as usual.

Apparently to be read before Magic Triumphs, so hop to it!

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I tore through this like wildfire…

Wildfire (Hidden Legacy, #3)Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When life hits you in the gut, it’s always a sucker punch. You never see it coming.

I have some small grievances, that I will happily ignore in my final rating, because the rest was just so much fun:
Too many repetitions of previously explained points. The elaborate descriptions of absolutely everybody’s hairstyle, hair colour, shape of their chin, skin tone, bla… got a bit tiresome.

Oh, yes, and please ignore the cover. It is hideous and has absolutely no relevance for the contents of the book. I don’t know what the cover artist was smoking. This is Urban Fantasy with some romance thrown in, some sleuthing and some great magic.

I am also 99.999% sure of the identity of Cesar, because his last sentence in the book is something he said exactly like that in an earlier scene. And because I have been suspecting him since White Hot. Bummer, because I like him. One could hope for a false trail?

Victoria turned out to be a likeable character. Surprise!

Arabella was fun and her alter ego is great. I am picturing her as the monster on the cover of Where The Wild Things Are, with bigger horns and a bone plate on top of her head. And strangely, I picture her fur to be a dark purple. No idea.

Leon evolved very nicely.

Cornelius is becoming one of my favourite characters, especially now with the addition of Zeus.

Seargent Teddy riding in the car with them was a hoot. The whole book was a hoot.

The final battle was over way too quickly. Could have gone on for another 30 or so pages. But nobody asked me.

Fingers crossed that there will be a fourth book. And in the acknowledgment a new book in The Edge series is mentioned. Really? I thought that series was done? Instabuy!

Would I buy the next book? Silly question. 5 stars, with a cherry on top.


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Enter my lair, said the dragon

White Hot (Hidden Legacy, #2)White Hot by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Enter my lair, said the dragon. I have shiny treasure for you to play with, I’ll keep you warm and safe, and if it suits my purpose, I’ll chain you to the floor and kill your client by throwing quarters at him with my magic. Been there, done that.”

Great action, as always. Some darker tones, too. Nice development of the existing characters and I like the added new characters. Loved the plot, the snark, the humour in general. The sex scenes were ok. Not the best I ever read, but not bad.

Giving this five stars is a no-brainer. I would give a grocery shopping list five stars, if it was written by Ilona Andrews. Can’t wait for Wildfire and am extremely distressed at the info, that it will be the FINAL volume of Hidden Legacy.

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