Ascender #5Ascender #5 by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well…. wow. That is a bitch of a cliffhanger. Plotting similar to issue #4, felt too short and was a little thin. Still exciting, emotional and a little shocking.

Bottomline for issue #1 to #5, very good stuff, very exciting. The art at times looked less exceptional than in Descender. Still very good though. The lettering was a little bold and 2D at times. Was that the same in Descender?

(Slightly spoilerish comments coming up…)

I do like the switch of theme. Descender was very clearly SF. Ascender is fantasy with SF elements.

I would have liked more world building—where did mother come from, what is the general look of the galaxy now, what is up with those vampires??? Will we see Eff again or is she lost forever? Waiting for the next collection aka volume 2, maybe it will shed some light on those questions…


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All the stars!

Ascender #2Ascender #2 by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fra! Fra! Fra!
Awww …. *sniff!*

I just noticed that the Gnissian king wears a Roman toga (Toga praetexta). Did his predecessors in Descender wear togas as well?

Mother is a little like Darth Vader without a helmet… and (view spoiler)

Oh boy, very exciting. And emotionally taxing. Excellent ending, surprising. Wow. All the stars! Wohoo!

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May the Force be with you!

Descender Vol. 6: The Machine WarDescender Vol. 6: The Machine War by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The beginning of this last volume starts with major backstory. We find out, how the humans discovered the tech to start building bots, drones et cetera.

Switching back to the present day, the plot does not fully make sense to me. Why did machinekind warn humans ten years ago, but then not follow through? That‘s a fairly big plot hole right there. Regardless, it was a good volume.

I liked the ending. Was it a great ending? Did the story develop in a satisfying way? I am not actually sure. It all worked, loose ends were tied, there was suspense and excitement and sorrow, it definitely had its moments…

Excellent art.

P.S.: Did anyone else feel the reawakening of the Force?

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