Hm. A little thin on the ground.

Lazarus: Risen #3Lazarus: Risen #3 by Greg Rucka
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Forever is here again, ready to kick ass…


Looks like she‘s still trying to figure out what the bigger picture is and what her father is really up to… She might have a plan, but if she does, I don‘t get it.

Could Johanna Carlyle actually be a decent person? I have always been deeply suspicious…

Ominous things going on.

The artwork is generally good. I find the look of the female characters too similar though. They all seem to have the same face and only hair colour, glasses and clothes give any hints who each of them is. Some of that is on purpose, I get it. But that much?

Only three-quarters of this comic are main story, after that it‘s other things. Pretty thin plot. Pretty. Thin. Nice little cliffhanger.

I am still not happy with the new format. It feels like a long wait for not a lot.

The next one in March 2020, Gifts of God, will be a standalone with different MCs, so I might skip it.

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Fight another day

Lazarus: Risen #2Lazarus: Risen #2 by Greg Rucka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked the fight scene in the first half a lot.

Artwork was good, although I found it difficult to tell apart Forever with her short hair and Marisol. They look almost identical.

And I am not totally sold on the new format yet. It seems so short and the waiting period for the next one so long.

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Lazarus has risen!

Lazarus: Risen #1Lazarus: Risen #1 by Greg Rucka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bloody! As usual!

The story was ok. A lot of set-up. I expected more, especially after the two part prelude with you-know-who…

Great last page! Bold! But a really mean place to interrupt the story. And the whole thing is too short! Perhaps I have to get used to the new format… I still don‘t trust Johanna. ★★★★☆

Additional short story (text): „Your Last Meal On Earth“ by Lisa Sturges. ★★★½☆

The RPG stuff at the end was fun. And the letters. Especially the answer to the last one. ★★★★★

The science bit was mostly depressing. Humans on Mars in my lifetime. Hopefully not just as an escape plan. ★★★★☆

Now we wait for July, for the next Quarterly! Nice cover page!

Pre-read review:
Looking forward to this a lot! There is a two-part prelude, Lazarus #27 and #28, which might be best read beforehand. If I got my numbering right, this one here would be #29 in the allover series.

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Lazarus #27

Lazarus #27 by Greg Rucka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We find out what happens to Jonah, after he jumps into the North Sea in that stolen immersion suit.

Back to the great artwork of the original artist. The attention to detail is great.

The bilingual speech is a little distracting. Anders looks a bit like the local Gestapo guy.

Great story telling. Nicely done, showing the passage of time. And I guess the romance was inevitable.

This is the first part of a prelude to the new storyline, Fracture. That one, according to Amazon, will be published in March 2019. I preordered it…

Lazarus #28

Lazarus #28 by Greg Rucka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The second part of a prelude to the new storyline, Fracture, which currently will be published in March 2019.

Who would have thought that I would come to care for Jonah Carlyle. He was such a traitorous bastard. There you go, now I can barely wait to find out what happens to him next. But I wouldn’t be surprised, if he was a no-show in the upcoming Lazarus #29.

This issue pretty much had the outcome I feared, based on the cover. The story was not quite what I expected though. Which is a good thing.

Yet again, beautiful artwork. Love of details, great scenes with almost hyperrealistic art. The scenes where they were fishing—the look of the water and the fishing nets for example—were just splendid. Same for the interior of their house. So many small details so beautifully rendered, really fun to see.

4.5-5 stars

One question… should I read the source books? Are they essential? They sound a bit like filler to me.

Filling in some gaps…

Lazarus: X+66

Lazarus: X+66 by Greg Rucka

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stand-alone stories in the world the Lazarus comics, set after Volume 5, Cull. Good story telling, but with other artists. And none of them as good as the original artwork. So that took some getting used to. The only artwork I actually liked was the last story, about the Vassalikovska Lazarus (Spelling? Never mind…). I liked all of the stories, my favourite was probably Issue #4, with the journalist looking for clues of…. not telling you! That one at least will probably have an impact for the main storyline. Although the last panel of the Dragon storyline was pretty ominous as well.

Is this necessary reading for the Lazarus series? No, I don‘t think so. But I haven‘t read what comes after this, so I might be wrong. Did I enjoy reading this? Apart from the artwork, yes! Will I continue? Definitely.

Issue #1 is with Casey Solomon in military training: The lineart looks coarser and thicker somehow.

Issue #2 is Joaquim‘s story. It‘s ok, but again the art is not as good as in the main story. I didn‘t really like Joaquim in this.

Issue #3 is about Joe and Bobbie, Michael‘s parents from Volume 2. I liked this one. It looks at how they adjust to life as serfs.

Issue #4 is about families I don‘t really remember from the main storyline, Meyers-Qasimi and Nkosi. The initial pages consist of panels alternating from family to family with almost exactly the same layouts—I really liked that—and identical conversations, just switching viewpoints as well. Neatly done.

Issue #5 is the story of journalist Seré Cooper, someone else I don’t recall from the main series. She‘s in the doghouse and trying to redeem herself. And she finds something that might just do the trick…

Issue #6 is about The Zmey. Finally, I liked the artwork. The story is gruesome, brutal and borderline on the violence scale for me.

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More bloodshed

Lazarus Vol. 5: Cull

Lazarus Vol. 5: Cull by Greg Rucka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very violent. Twisty. A lot of blood. Good storytelling.

Wow, and what an ending to this volume. I hope that this will all get wrapped up in the next one! Which isn‘t out yet. I seem to have found my first comic series that I will subscribe to, so I don‘t miss what happens next. The story telling is just that good.

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