Beautiful book, but not very practical…

Sauerteig: Echtes Brot und mehr
by Sarah Owens,  Ngoc Minh Ngo (Illustrator)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Good: 
Beautifully made book with pretty photographs. I like that it is sorted by yearly seasons.

The Not-so-Good:
Complicated recipes with many steps, not for beginners.
Many unusual ingredients.
Very time-intensive recipes.
A very complicated starter recipe.
Explanations are very wordy. With lots of text. I prefer clearer instructions.

And the Critical-No-Go for me:
All the recipes for making bread result in two loaves. I am single and have no freezer. What am I to do with two loaves?

So this book is pretty to look at, but mostly not usable for me. I will probably make some of the slightly simpler recipes in this at some point and then revisit my rating. Maybe I will even make one of the breads, giving one of the loaves away to friends as a present. But this will not become my go-to-book for bread making. 

Luckily I found a much easier starter recipe online and now ordered that author‘s sourdough baking book. Review of that one to come!

State of the Swamp Thing….

Ok, so I fed my starter for the first time yesterday afternoon. This morning it was not so pretty and started looking like the Swamp Thing again. In the recipe I follow it says that when that discoloured „hooch“ shows up, it is time for feeding. So I did it earlier than planned.

This is from yesterday after the feeding:

And this morning:

I also found something black and tiny, that I fished out. Maybe a fruit fly? Couldn‘t tell… I added the rubber band to my mason jar for security… 

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It hasn‘t soured yet…

Ok then, I am finally attempting to raise a sourdough starter.

Yes, yes, this is not a book review. Sometimes I bake…

This is the recipe I decided to try out:

Beginner Sourdough Starter Recipe


I followed the instructions and the little guy is in the cold oven (5 p.m.), with the light switched on. I am dubious about that.

Anyway, I have to remember to switch off the light when I go to bed. Maybe I‘ll set the mason jar on top of my heating unit later….

Tomorrow afternoon I should see small bubbles? Fingers crossed!

Any suggestion how to name the starter? I chuckled at Rye Breadbury, Carrie Breadshaw and Clint Yeastwood. I am trying to come up with something equally funny in German, but so far nothing….

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