A little helping of Stephen King?

LaurieLaurie by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elderly King writing about elderly Lloyd and his unwanted dog. And life. It just happens and you get on with it…

Not bad, I quite enjoyed it.

What do you make of Thinking of Vixen? And what exactly is a Mudi?

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This book cures Insomnia…

InsomniaInsomnia by Stephen King
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Apparently I would have enjoyed this a lot more, if I had read the Dark Tower series. I read The Gunslinger 12 years ago, but don’t remember much. Time to read the rest of that series, I guess. Maybe. Considering how much I did not enjoy this, I might have to take a longer break, before picking up another novel by Stephen King.

I gave up after reading 300 pages. I realized that I don’t care. Boring. The plot ambled along without any suspense or meaningful build-up. Ralph can’t sleep, he goes for walks, talks to his friends, sees colors and auras, wonders what it all means, repeat… Boring. Every scene discussed to death. Every point explored, explained, re-hached to infinitesimal degrees. Sorry, but snooooore!

Well, actually, it wasn’t that bad. I kinda liked Ralph in the beginning. This book was just way too slow for me. By the time something meaningful happened–every 100 pages or so–I had lost interest.

I pretty much skimmed through the remaining 400-odd pages of the book. I was glad that I did. And relieved to be done with it.

I wonder… if the book had been about half as long as it is, with more focused story telling and less extraneous fluff… it probably would have ended up pretty readable. Things of interest do happen, they are just too few and far in between. That plot certainly did not warrant 760 pages.

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