I used to blog about my daily adventures for many years. But eventually real life got busy and I became more interested living it than writing about it. I have been pretty active on goodreads for the past few years and my renewed reading adventures have been a lot of fun. Eventually I decided to give my book reviews a second home, so here we are!

I blog book reviews and the odd baking excursion. You might come across a review in my native German from time to time. However, I tend to read in English and rarely pick up German authors.

I mostly read science fiction, urban fantasy, sometimes horror of the more trashy variety and romance. My track record with pure fantasy hasn‘t been great recently. I branch out into mystery and thrillers on occasion.

You will also see a lot of comics — an old love that I have rekindled.

I read the odd ARC, but rarely unsolicited ones. So please don‘t offer!

Other interests

Scotch, nature documentaries, slow food. I used to say traveling, which I still like, but have tuned down a lot, in an attempt to minimize my CO2 footprint. These days I mostly travel for work. And I have lived abroad for about 14 years, so I have been around…

Rating system

***** Loved it
**** Liked it
*** It was ok
** Disliked it, not for me.
* Really disliked it, there was something seriously annoying me.

Half stars are generally when I have problems making up my mind.

Genres and tropes I do not like

I am not a fan of Young Adult. I also do not enjoy reading stories involving rape, no-consent, slavery, mental illness — they make me very uncomfortable. That does not mean that these are topics I actively avoid, I just do not like to read about them in novels. Reading is entertainment and escapism for me. I like to keep that separate from real life.