I think I read this wrong

Killing Gravity (The Voidwitch Saga, #1)Killing Gravity by Corey J. White
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was underwhelmed. The world building and character development both left a lot to be desired for me. Not enough background. The plot felt sketchy, as if I had been hitting the fast forward button on my remote a few times too many.

The magic (well, for lack of a better explanation of the author) aka telekinesis (maybe?) was interesting and different. However, almost no explanations of the dynamics of it. And our MC just flung it around with so little effort and lack of reflection or emotional investment, it was almost boring.

Our MC is emotionally flat. Is she supposed to be a sociopath or is this a writing issue? I couldn‘t say. I found it impossible to connect to her.

The supporting characters are cardboard cutouts. They all have one way to behave and one emotional expression. One buddy, one character that hates our MCs guts, a token non-binary character, the farcical bad guy.

A lot of pointless, too casual, un-reflected and over the top violence. Oh, splat, there goes another head. Moving on…

The only thing I liked and actually loved: the cat-thing. I want one.

That truly was the only redeeming feature of this novella for me. And maybe the possibility that the characters might come to life in the next book. This is the first published work by the author, so I am hopeful and might be tempted.

PS: Most of my reading buddies loved this.

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