More of the uncanny

Uncanny Magazine Issue 16: May/June 2017
by Lynne M. Thomas (Editor),  Michael Damian Thomas (Editor)

Sun, Moon, Dust by URSULA VERNON
A farmer inherits a magical sword from his dying grandmother. But he doesn‘t want to become a warrior

HUGO 2018 short story finalist. 

Very poetic, from an author with a love for potatoes, apparently. Satisfying ending. 

Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time by K.M. SZPARA
“I am trying to piss against a wall when the vampire bites me.“
As first sentences go, this is a pretty good one!

Not bad. An alternative world, where vampires are a known part of society, combined with a trans character. Unusual, thought provoking, slightly sexy. I am curious to know, what those small changes could turn out to be. I have ideas, obviously. 

Hugo Awards 2018 Novelette Nominee

What to expect from the Hadron Collider as a college roommate
BY BETSY AOKI | 201 WORDS, poetry

It will probably not be home for supper anytime soon.
Things will get broken and not put back together again.

Pretty amusing poem. I liked it!

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