The magic ships go a little mad…

The Mad Ship (Liveship Traders, #2)
by Robin Hobb 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Just as good as the first book. Paragon‘s story really takes off. There are some interesting things happening with Reyn and Malta as well. 

Malta evolves from spoilt girl to a more mature person. I did not really buy this change of personality or maturing, it was a bit abrupt. She was an annoying brat and then she was not, from one chapter to the next. It did work out in the end and I really liked her last chapter, where she really comes into herself. I still don‘t like her though.

Kennit is just too enamored with himself. At the end he seems to feel something for Wintrow, maybe because he sees something of himself in him. Other than that he is a nasty piece of work. 

Wintrow takes something of a backseat here, compared to Ship of Magic. Althea is still the best developed character. I am still not sure if I like Brashen. Anyway, many great characters, lots of great developments.

The serpents become very interesting here as well, compared to Ship of Magic, where they felt like superfluous interludes. And the ending was excellent. Great action sequence.

I liked the settings. Divvytown was memorable and I loved Treehaug and the Rain Wilds.

I am really tempted to continue to the last book of this trilogy right away, but I will take a break first… maybe. 5 stars!

PS: Goodness me, it took me two months, with lots of other books in between, to make it through these 900 pages.