Politics, mystery and a coming of age drama aboard a miles-long generation ship.

I stole that title sentence from the author, it‘s a perfect description.

Braking Day
by Adam OyebanjiAriyan Kassam (Narrator)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ravi trains to become an engineer and officer on a generation ship that is ruled by an officer elite looking down on the likes of him. One day he sees a girl without space suit floating outside of the ship, impossibly alive… pursuing this mystery might mean that he looses his chance of climbing the social ladder of the ship and could have even more dire consequences.

Believable characters, mostly light reading for a YA audience, but with some darker notes about society, prejudices and how badly people can treat others, when they think they are entitled. There might be dragons. And chocolate.

Meet the author: Adam Oyebanji on debut novel Braking Day  “Ravi has friends and a team. There are times in the book he is at a bit of a loss and other people step up. In many ways, it is all of them together moving through the conflict. Ravi is not a towering figure of physical prowess and mental genius who can move galaxies, he’s just a guy, but he has a moral compass.”

And a fun interview with the author on GrimdarkMagazine (light spoilers)

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