Some classics probably only work for men.

Sin City 1: Stadt ohne Gnade (The Hard Goodbye)
by Frank Miller

Rating: 1 out of 5.

“It’s a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town. But Marv doesn’t care. There’s an angel in the room. She says her name is Goldie. A few hours later, Goldie’s dead without a mark on her perfect body, and the cops are coming before anyone but Marv could know she’s been killed. Somebody paid good money for this frame…“

This was my third attempt at reading this and I got a third through it. I don’t care. There might be a good story in there somewhere, but I doubt it. I can‘t get past disliking the art. Blocky, black-and-white, flat. Add to that an unlikeable main character, objectified women, pointless violence. Nope. To be honest, after having seen the movie (and disliking Mickey Rourke, as usual), I more or less expected all of that to some extend. I get that this is considered a classic… by men, presumably. I really tried, but I find the whole thing too offensive to finish it.

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