Dewey‘s Readathon October 2022

If I calculated that right, this readthon will start in half an hour. The timing is always weird for me, starting at 2pm in Germany. I have things to do on Saturdays, having a full time job during the week, and I am going to the theatre tonight, so I won‘t be reading much in the first 12 hours. And then it will be the middle of the night… we‘ll see… I guess I will not take the actual start and finish times of this readathon too seriously. And my main reading day will be tomorrow.

My TBR for this readathon:

I am 75% through Chosen, so I want to finish that this weekend. Then there is Ship of Destiny — I only read 50 pages of this 900+ page monster, so definitely not finishing this weekend. But maybe taking a good bite out of it?

And I just started a fairly short audio: The 392. I might pick up another one of those free-with-my-audible-subscription shorter audios, once I am done with this one.

I only have a few stories left in The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Six

And if I have time left after that, I might read Into the Riverlands, which is the third novella of a trilogy. Well, not sure actually if it‘s a trilogy

Ok, so, I will go for a shower now, then I do have to do a little shopping. Have to check when to pick up my friend, we might go for a walk and a little dinner before the theatre. I will check back in with the readathon when getting back from that, probably shortly before midnight. Read for 2 to 3 hours, then sleep and checking in again tomorrow morning at breakfast. I‘ll see how much of those activities I will cover with audiobooks. Actually, downloading another one right now….


One thought on “Dewey‘s Readathon October 2022

  1. Best of luck with the Readsthon, Cathy and it sounds like you’re very busy with other things too. Enjoy your time doing those too. I’m listening to Unhackable Soul by Maureen Sharphouse

    I’m hoping to get to listen to A Sister’s Promise by Caroline Finnerty

    And maybe another book if there’s time.

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