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Children of Ruin (Children of Time #2)Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky
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In case you wonder over the course of this book, the word octopus has three possible plurals:
Plural 1: the octopuses
Plural 2: the octopi
Plural 3: the octopodes

This book is just so funny, with the jumping spiders and those wacky, overemotional octopi…

I struggled a bit with the latter part of the book. It was hard to follow by audio (aka I kept getting distracted and missed bits and pieces). Maybe (definitely) it was me, audio still sometimes stumps me and my scatter brain wanders off. I might have to read the actual words at some point or listen again.

The world building was fabulous and even more complex than the first book. All the details of the various societies, the development over the ages, the historical context, the shift between various timelines, I loved it.

Excellent ideas, how an alien, tentacled, multi-brained species could evolve and function. In all its chaotic glory.

Language and communication can be so fascinating!

Great characterisations. The audio narration was top notch. Kern was so well done.

I wonder what dog-sized spiders in spacesuits look like?

“We’re going on an adventure!“
(Sorry, Justine, had to quote that as well!)

5 starfish-thingies

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