The past, the future…

Saga flashback on page 4!

Paper Girls #1
by Brian K. Vaughan (Goodreads Author),  Cliff Chiang (Illustrator), Matt Wilson (Illustrator) 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Confusing start. Love the artwork. I am pretty sure I flipped through the beginning of this comic before and didn‘t like it much at the time. But I can’t find any record of it. Time has passed, I have read a lot more comics and I like this!

Had to double-check: this is set on November 1, 1988. I can‘t tell you without spoiler tags, why I confirmed that date. So I am not telling you. Instead I will now read the collected Volume 1, which I managed to get for free in German. 

Alternate reading:
– H. G. Wells, War of the Worlds

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