Say it in ten lines or less…

Dwarf Stars 2020
by Robin Mayhall (editor) 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

More SF poetry. The Dwarf Stars Award is an annual award, presented by the Science Fiction Poetry Association to the author of the best horror, fantasy or science fiction poem of ten lines or fewer, published in the previous year.

Official website:

Here are the ones that I liked during my first read-through:

[The knife blade flutters] • Colleen Anderson 1
[hoping for the best …] • Johannes S. H. Bjerg 2
[she had broken] • Susan Burch 3
Balancing Act • Deborah L. Davitt with D. A. Xiaolin Spires & Gretchen Tessmer 4 
[space station yoga] • John J. Dunphy 5 
Erwin Schrodinger • Jean-Paul L. Garnier 7
[Feast of St. George—] • C.R. Harper 8 
Epitaph for John Carter • Herb Kauderer 9 
Notes for the Next Letter Home • Herb Kauderer 10 
[pi day] • Deborah P Kolodji 11
red shirts • David C. Kopaska-Merkel 12 
Standing Up • John C. Mannone 14 
Cold Weather Accessories for Imaginary Creatures • Lorraine Schein 17 
[the ghost wife] • Gloundan Smorpian 19 
[seeing stars] • Christina Sng 20 
[iron in the dunes] • Greer Woodward 22 
[stargazing on Olympus Mons] • Greer Woodward 23

I will go over them again and narrow them down more and more, until I am left with my 3 or 4 favourite ones…

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