Not magical enough for me

Magic for LiarsMagic for Liars by Sarah Gailey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I expected good things from this. But it did nothing for me, I am sad to say.

At the 10%-mark I posted: “Build-up, surprisingly not very interesting so far.” It did not pick up.

I disliked Ivy with her drinking and feeling sorry for herself. What a sad, one-dimensional person it makes her. Drinking and feeling sorry for herself, because she isn‘t her sister. How horrible. And also not very interesting after the umpteenth repetition.

Ok, that doesn‘t mean the story is not good. But I found it mildly boring and lacking in surprises. The conclusion was not unexpected, I guessed at the reason behind the murder pretty early on.

The healing magic was great and provided great visuals. That was the only highlight for me.

Oh yes, and I didn‘t like the audiobook narrator. Weird accent and sometimes she slurred her speech so much that I couldn’t understand her.

Not sure, it might be me. I seem to be in an unfavourable mood for reading at the moment.


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